Question: What is the maximum weight allowance on a standard 53′ dry van?

AnswerTo avoid overweight issues, drivers prefer to run their equipment at 44,500 lbs, but dry vans can haul up to 45,000 lbs if loaded properly.


Question: How to know the NMFC or freight class number?

AnswerFreight class is determined by the culmination of factors like value, weight, damage likelihood, density as well as how easy the item is for moving. As per the NMFC or National Motor Freight Traffic Association, every item is classified as per codes into definite categories. Be very accurate in the description when getting the freight class for your item to be shipped. This will help you prevent incurring extra costs of shipping from freight forwarding companies. You can simply contact our brokers to assess the appropriate class for the items you want to ship.


Question: Is it possible to determine shipment weight?

AnswerIt is critical that you determine the exact weight of items being shipped by the freight forwarding companies. freight forwarding companies have the authority to weigh the items at any situation during transportation and hence mentioning approximate weights are not enough. Inaccurate weight measurements can result in rebilling at a non-discounted price and you will incur more costs.


Question: Is there guarantee on transit times?

AnswerThere is no guarantee on freight transit periods unless this is specifically provided within the freight quote when you booked the shipping rates. Delivery times are merely approximates and though reliable offer no guarantee. These time periods start one day after the freight pickup.